Corporate & SME Loans

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Fund Based Facilities

Term loan: Funds required for acquiring fixed assets given as long-term loan repaid in instalments from the profits of the company.

Cash Credit: Limits assigned to the SMEs, utilized for working capital requirements of the unit. CC limit against inventory is given to finance pre-sales requirements (holding of raw materials, work in progress and finished goods) and CC against debtors or book debt is to finance post sales requirements.

Bill Discounting: In this facility, the financial institution buys the commercial bill before it is due and credits the bill amount at a discount to the customer, wherein the discount is the rate of interest charged by the FI. This enables the customer to encash his accounts receivable.

Lease Rental Discounting (LRD): bTerm Loan offered against rental receipts from property leased under long term contracts especially to a corporate entity.

Non – Fund Based Facilities

Letter of Credit: A confirmation from the buyer’s bank guaranteeing the payment against the bill raised by the seller subject to fulfilment of all the conditions in the contract letter. The product is particularly helpful in cases wherein the seller does not have full trust over the buyer.

Bank Guarantee: This is an instrument in the form of a promise from the lending institution to make good the payment/loss in case of a default by the customer with reference to the terms of the contract.

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